Alex Buono’s Visual Storytelling 2 Tour will expand your filmmaking abilities by immersing you in an all-day learning experience about the principles of Visual Style and Subtext. From his fast-turn around schedule as the DP of the SNL Film Unit to his role as the Co-Director/DP of the new IFC comedy series Documentary Now!, Alex is constantly challenged to recreate different looks. In this workshop, Alex will share his approach to shooting distinct visual styles with hands-on demonstrations that utilize attendees as the crew. By understanding the visual patterns for different film genres and how to manifest each style through both lighting and camerawork, you will harness the power of visual cues for your own projects. Most importantly, you will learn how to modify light quality and direction, color temperature, lens choices, camera movement and more through a modest set of portable and affordable tools and techniques that you can immediately apply to your own work.

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Daytime Workshop


The Daytime Visual Style Workshop will immerse you in an intense analysis and demonstration of different styles - or genres - of filmmaking. For the past 15 seasons of SNL, a big part of my job has been learning to recreate any style —a romantic comedy, verite documentary, slick product spot, stylish thriller, glossy interview, etc. — with practically no prep time. I will demonstrate with hands-on instruction my approach for filming different styles by breaking down the visual patterns for each given genre and then show you how to recreate each style through both lighting and camerawork.
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One my biggest goals is to combat a comment that I hear all the time: “I can’t afford to create that style.” By working with a set of affordable and accessible tools — and creating vastly different looks using those tools — I will show you how you can leave the workshop and do the same thing tomorrow.


The evening seminar will be devoted to exploring Visual Subtext. This theoretical lecture is about the power of symbolism in cinema – how you can create images that resonate far beyond the surface. That may sound like a heady topic but – just like my Visual Structure lecture from the past tour – I will use scores of real world examples from both my own work and the work of my filmmaking heroes, to demonstrate in very simple terms how the great filmmakers rely on visual subtext to tell more powerful stories. Subtopics within this lecture include an analysis of the 5 primary types of symbolism you can draw upon and a demonstration of 7 practical ways to add subtext – things like camera movement, composition, lighting, sound design, production design, hair design and even makeup.


Once you understand how visual subtext works, you will start to see it everywhere. It’s a fundamental key to the most powerful films of all time and it will completely change the way you shoot. With these principles, you will know how to enhance any visual storytelling experience – be that a movie, a commercial, a documentary, a wedding video—you name it.